Jack - semiactive CELL speaker

Jack is a concept model, which means that its design is sprung from a special interest.

The Accuton CELL series is one of the worlds best set of drivers and I just had to give it a try. I wanted to experience the engelholm audio sound from a complete CELL build. The target for Jack is to become an extreme music reproducing speaker, fitted in a smaller suit. High sensitivty, controlled and adjustable bass paired with uncompromised components and drivers are some of the virtues needed to reach the goal. Further more, all drivers in Jack performs in closed boxes, enabling perfect controll and minimized group delay. That quality, paired with the 250 watts, DSP controlled amplifier for the sub 200 Hz region, provides the best conditions for extreme music reproduction in any room.

The cabinet is sturdy and built to minimize vibrations and give a natural and engaging music reproduction. It is significantly braced, to withstand the extreme environment the three bass units creates when pumping low frequencies at high sound preassure levels. For mids and highs, the cabinet features vibration controlling panels, to provide for example clear vocals.

Jack stands on angled legs, which are standard fitted with engelholm audio Coda feets.

The crossover is tailored to the drivers' need, their characteristict and capabilities. Finally, the crossover is tuned to harmonize with the ears. To further enable final in-room-tuning, the crossover is kept outside of the speaker cabinets, allowing easy access (if needed).

Technical data:
Height x Width x Depth: 990 (plus 50 mm for Coda) x 230 x 350 [mm]
Crossover: 2nd order @ 220 and 2800 Hz
Impedance 7.1
Sensitivity: 90 dB/wm (for midrange/tweeter).
Type: Semi-active (passive midrange and tweeter) with Hypex DSP plateamp for the lowend.
Frequency response 35-25'000 Hz
Finish: lacquer of choice (black high gloss on pictured pair)