RAW - a well balanced speaker

RAW is a 2.5 way semi-active, floor standing speaker. The 250 watts NCore amplifier with DSP powers the 10 inch bass driver (from Acoustic Elegance). Gradually, as we move higher up in frequency, the responsibility is handed over to a Scan Speak 6 inch bass/mid-range driver, which is unfiltered from low frequencies avoiding a capacitor in the signal path. The bass/mid-range operates in a closed box, which mitigates too high excursion. The tweeter integrates perfectly and blends in with the mid-range seamlessly.

The key word during RAW's development has been "balance". Balance in multiple aspects: size, frequency range, cross over complexity, aesthetics, sensitivity/load, sound and all other design related dimensions. So much is gained, by not pushing a design/construction outside of its comfort zone and it is clear when listening to RAW, how relaxed and easy it is to experience and enjoy the musical performance.

The 2.5 way design with active DSP for the low frequencies, allows for perfect room integration and also offers 3 presets to suite listening mood, different recording qualities and room acoustics.

Technical data:
Height x Width x Depth: 1080 mm x 335 x 300 (480 footprint) [mm]
Crossover 2nd order mid-range/tweeter and @ 170 Hz active bass
Impedance: 6 ohm
Sensitivity: 89dB/wm
Vented bass box system. Closed mid-range box.
Frequency response 36-21'000 Hz
Finish: lacquer of choice (high gloss white on pictured pair)


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