Staff - 3 way floor standing speaker

Based on the success of the award winning Solo, reviewers favorite Solo M and the highly rated Trill, there was still a gap in the Engelholm Audio product range.

For those with a bigger room and a musical taste that demands the low frequency to be really true to the recording we a proud to present Engelholm Audio Staff.
Staff has a lot in common with its siblings but the 9 inch ceramic sandwich woofer truly sets it apart! The sonic impression is superb with a better transparency in the mid range and a more powerful low end. Tuned to fit bigger rooms.

As always with Engelholm Audio speakers, there is no need for a nuclear power plant to power the speakers. "Freedom of choice when it comes to amplifier" is still very true.

A quote from nomono
    Considering what other speakers that perform like Staff usually
    costs, Engelholm Audio have succeeded far beyond expected.
    Staff is simply a great, musical and motivating speaker at its
    price. If you can - auditi
on them! Staff is hereby recommended.

Technical data:
Size: 100x 26 x 41 [H x W x D] cm
Type: 3-way bas-ported, mid closed
Crossover: 97 and 2100 Hz, Engelholm Audio 2'nd order
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Frequency range: 20-40'000 Hz
Weight: 52 kg / speaker

Staff means:
The staff is the fundamental latticework of music notation, upon which symbols are placed. The five stave lines and four intervening spaces correspond to pitches of the diatonic scale which pitch is meant by a given line or space is defined by the clef.

EA Staff


Staff in Oak and black with (accessories) Coda feets.

staff note


The crossover componets are choosen for their sound and build quality.