Jokk8 - a high sensitivity, coaxial speaker with DSP controlled low-frequencies

Jokk8 gives you musical reproduction via a ten inch coaxial midrange/horn tweeter. With a membrane area ~4 times the average, Jokk8 provides gives you effortless reproduction of complex musical passages even with moderate power.

The low frequencies are handled using a dedicated ten inch high quality driver, which is powered by a Hypex Ncore 250 watts built-in amplifier. The driver is suited in a sealed/closed box for optimum impulse response and low group delay. With its DSP  possibilities, Jokk8 can be fitted and tuned into harmony also in normal rooms.

A passive crossover cuts of the lows from the midrange with 1st order, as well a crossover for dividing between the midrange and the tweeter. the crossover is purpose built and tailored by extensive listening sessions.

Jokk8 is, as all other Engelholm Audio speakers, hand build with extremely good quality in all components. Finish is a lacquer of your choice.

Technical data:
Height x Width x Depth: 1050 mm (plus 50 mm for Coda) x 320 x 360 [mm]
Crossover 1st order HP, 2nd order to bass and 3rd order @ 200 and 2100 Hz
Impedance 7 ohm (min 6.0 ohms)
Sensitivity: 95dB/wm
Sealed box system
Frequency response 27-20'000 Hz


  •     Analogue balanced XLR in and through
  •     Analogue unbalanced RCA input
  •     High level input
  •     USB 2.0 configuration interface
  •     15 biquads per amplifier
  •     Three selectable presets for filters
  •     Source selection
  •     Signal detect
  •     Auto shutdown
  •     Clip protect
  •     Thermal protect
  •     Filter protection

Key features

  • Black Anodized Alu Cone
  • Magnet System w. Alu Ring
  • Low Resonance Freq. 23Hz
  • Coated Fibre Glass Dust Cap
  • Die cast Alu Chassis vented below spider

Taking care of room problems at a Swedish exhibition.