Trill - 2 way stand mount speaker

Trill is no ordinary stand mount speaker. Trill is a work of art.

Trill is not intended only for "jazz trios and voices" but instead for all types of music - even music with low frequency information. To achieve these properties from a stand mount speaker we had to walk the extra mile. For instance, Trill have CNC milled parts as well as handcrafted parts. Some things are best done by hands while some things are best done by machines.

The Trill drivers are from top manufacturer, made specially for Engelholm Audio. The 6.25 inch features 25 mm overhung titanium voice
coil while the ribbon tweeters' moving part weighs 1/40 of an ordinary dome tweeter resulting in speed and distortion free reproduction of music.

The cross over is - as always with Engelholm Audio - where the real magic happens! The capacitors features metalized polypropylene with a max load of 800 Volts, This, in turn, lays the perfect foundation for the ribbon tweeter to excel with that perfect top range. The ceramic bass/mid-range is filtered by Cross Coil inductors with 12 times larger surface area than ordinary wire. Plus its mechanical stability...

Technical data:
Height x Width x Depth: 400 x 220 x 350 [mm]
Crossover 2nd order 2300 Hz
Impedance 8 ohm (min 7.0 ohms)
Sensitivity: 87dB/wm
Ported reflex system
Frequency response 35-40'000 Hz

Trill means...
A rapid alternation between the specified note and the next higher note (according to key signature) within its duration Also called a "shake." When followed by a wavy horizontal line, this symbol indicates an extended, or running, trill. Trills can begin on either the specified root note or the upper auxiliary note, though the latter is more prevalent in modern performances.