Hifi equipment, by Engelholm Audio

Why not use the skills and material at hand?

That was the question starting the development and refinement for the Engelholm Audio Hifi Accessories products.

Who knows better what cable, which feet technology or which stand works absolutly perfect with Engelholm Audio Loudspeakers? Engelholm Audio, off course!

Engelholm Audio Cradle
EA Cradle is a hand made cable lifter in the same wonderful material as our loudspeakers. Avoids dust on cables, makes cleaning easier and decreases static electricity.

Available in oak and walnut.

Oilwaxed finish.

Set of 4 and extra pairs on request.

Medium size: 70 mm x 50 mm
Large Size: 130 mm 70 mm

EA Cradle

Engelholm Audio Coda feet (and Coda XL)
The Engelholm Audio feet is used under loudspeakers/stands as well as under hifi equipment. It is made of stainless steel and features adaptive floor fit, height adjustment, point contection and resonant damping techniques.

Stainless Steel, laser engraved logo. Two sizes available.

Set of 3 or 4 pcs.

Size: 40 or 60 mm max diamater, 40 mm height, M6 fit in top (M8 adapter available).
ea feet
EA Coda FeetEA Coda Feet

Coda means:

The closing section of a movement.


Mozart Coda
Coda from Mozart's Piano Sonata no.
7 in C Major, K

Coda M and XL

Coda XL to the left and standard Coda till the right. Both with M6 in the top.

Coda Alu
Coda Alu (standard 40 mm diameter and height). A different sonic signature compared to Coda in stainless steel. The Coda Alu is always anodized in a black finish.

Engelholm Audio Legato Speaker Cable
The Engelholm Audiospeaker Legato speaker cable is derived from the internal wiring of Engelholm Audio loudspeakers. We have made a few changes though, e.g. the cable area is doubled and it is braided in double - just to get it even more robust for the world outside a loudspeaker.
The Legato comes with banana or forks (Engelholm Audio speakers fits with either).

Available in lengths up to 4 meters (or 12 ft) and as short as 0.5 meter (or 2 ft).

Area 2 mm2
Material Teflon insulation and silver plated pure cupper.
Finish oak or walnut (free choice)

EA Legato

Legato means:
In music performance and notation,
legato (Italian for "tied together")
indicates that musical notes are
played or sung smoothly and
EA Legato