Acoustic - the missing link to perfect musical reproduction

Engelholom Audio acknowledges the importance of room acoustics and with more than 5 years of experience of both domestic hifi rooms and recording studios, we feel well equipped to take on the challenge of your room!

We have seen it all: super expensive systems with poor acoustic not performing at all, cheep systems with cleaver acoustic performing very well, small acoustical intervention resulting in great musical benefits and the bullet proof
perfect acoustic with a perfect system rendering the truest musical reproduction ever!

Our acoustical treatment does not kill the musical joy! We use best-in-class diffuser products from Svanå MiljöTeknik that literary changes the rule of the thumb. For instance, RT60 is replaced with ETC because human hearing simply is more sensitive to what ETC is measuring than RT60. Bass is treated using Helmholtz absorbers. Mid-range and highs are dealt with using diffusers of a new generation! Diffusers worthy of the name, diffuser. Diffusers you can actually sit very close to, as close as 20 cm (8 inches)!

Bass treatment

Impulse response treatment. Notice how the big reflex is eliminated and instead a vital ETC is added.
Once your room is treated, your existing speaker will sound more like intended from manufacturer!

The intervention in your room could be discrete or bold! The esthetics is up to you to decide.