Trill Anniversery

As a celebration of over 20 years in the hifi business, Trill Anniversery was developed as a concept speaker.

Trill Anniversery features a new ribbon tweeter and a new, larger bas/midrange, both with lower distortion and higher sensitivity. To further advance Trill Anniversery it is designed as a 2-way construction, which eliminates the high pass crossover for the delicate midrange as well as increases the system sensitivity. Trill Anniversery is tilted backwards to tune the loobing and timeing between midrange and tweeter.

To realize the (in the 2-way) a 5x8 inch, race track shaped bass driver is used in a porten box, tuned to 31 Hz. The design extends to deep bass, crystal clean midrange and an airy, neutral tweeter.

The design is optimized for low distortion packaged in a reasonable sized furniture grade piece in black artificial leather and oil/waxed solid oak.

4 pcs of engelholm audio Coda feets per speaker allows for perfect placement.


Technical data:
Height x Width x Depth: 950 mm x 220 x 400 [mm] (footprint slightly larger)
Crossover 1st order mid-range/tweeter and 2nd order for bass
Impedance: 4 ohm
Sensitivity: 89dB/wm
Vented bass box system. Closed mid-range box.
Frequency response 31-40'000 Hz
Finish: Oil waxed oak and black artificial leather