About us at Engelholm Audio

We at Engelholm Audio are driven by passion for music and we love the construction of loudspeakers. We enjoy all aspects of loudspeaker construction; from the very first sketches on a napkin to a floor filled with crossover components at tuning-time to the premiere of a new model at an exhibition near you.

Pär Engelholm
is the founder and CEO of Engelholm Audio. Pär started building loudspeakers in the early teens and commercially at 2001, when Engelholm Audio was founded.

Pär has the skills in room acoustic, crossovers, measurements combined with good listening-ears and a creative brain to tell what and how to improve a loudspeaker.

Pär Engelholm, founder and CEO
Göran Engelholm
helps out at exhibitions and other larger event. Göran is sales pro with experiences from all of the corners around the world.

Göran Engelholm, sales responsible