Stardust - a concept modell

Stardust is a concept model which means that its design is sprung from a special interest.

Curiosity drives me and in case of Stardust it was the ambition of “lowest coloration from crossover artifacts” that drove the design. Stardust has, quite uniquely for a three way speaker, a first order crossover for high-pass and low-pass, for all drivers. This puts extreme requirements on the drivers to deliver quality over a much wider frequency range than normal. But the technical design is not there for the sake of design; the low phase and time shifts secures the integrity of the musical signal – and that is what it is all about, right?

The three way design is allows for some serious low-end from an eight inch driver, while at the same time the mid-range is allowed to shrink in size (compared to two way designs) which makes it a better fit with a tweeter.

With such a focus on the crossover and drivers, I have of course spent efforts in selecting the correct cross over components.

Technical data:
Height x Width x Depth: 900 mm (plus 50 mm for Coda) x 225 x 320 [mm]
Crossover 1st order HP and LP for all drivers @ 340 and 3200 Hz
Impedance 6.6
Sensitivity: 86dB/wm
Vented box system
Frequency response 37-21'000 Hz
Finish: lacquer of choice (metallic on pictured pair)


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